World of Dance 2011 Highlights and Performance Videos

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Highlights World Of Dance New York 2011

Les Twins Videos are HERE

Kat Deuluna Performances are HERE

Rhythm City

Bones Hill

Boyboi Project

The Wonder Twins

Mos Wanted Crew

Chi Towns Finest Breakers

Epic Motion

Future Funk

Afta Shock


Fully Focused


Hoya Break Squad


The D.W.E.E.B.S

Academy of Phresh

Catch 22

Project D

Project Nailz

RAPS Dance Crew

StrykeForce Ent

The Collective

The Professionals

The Varsity

Three Slap Bracelets

Part Time Models

Nia Dance Troupe

Nerdz The Outsides

Culture Shock

Heartbreak Crew

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