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Indie Label Soundmine Musicworks hired me and my company Sharp Edge Productions to shoot their showcase for their international DVD release for Hierosonic, Dirty Rotten Liars and Nottingham. This was my first “Rock” event and the energy was just amazing. check out the highlight video i put together to see what you missed.

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Kayvions “Front & sinner” Live show with guest acts Nyla Tinkerbelle,  Kitami Safiya, Huntit Karats, Mike Taubman. Eddie Writer, Mike Milan Kayvion Live Performance Webster Hall Highlights   Kayvion – Front and Sinner LIVE   Kayvion – Love Lock Out LIVE   Kayvion – stand bye LIVE   Kayvion the breakup song LIVE   kitami […]

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Les Twins Battle Highlights and extended videos. MORE VIDEOS AFTER THE JUMP!!!!

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More videos after the jump!!!

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Kat Deuluna Performs Whine it up and Drop it Low and battles her dance moves with audience members. full Performance videos after the jump!!!

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Coco and Breezy had a event during Fashion Week in NY to preview their 2011 Spring / Summer Line of New Accessories And Eyewear. Check out the video below to see some highlights from the event as well as pictures. VIDEO AND IMAGES AFTER THE JUMP

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Brey Kings The Soundcheck Live concert series at santos featuring the hottest unsigned artist. This is one concert series you don’t want to miss. Hosted by MoBrownSuga Directed / Edited By: Joseph Rivera Produced By: Sharp Edge Productions

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Sample of my signature highlight videos I offer with my live event coverage. This video is from The World Of Dance Competition held in Brooklyn with crews from ABDC competing against each other. Directed / Edited By: Joseph Rivera Produced By: Sharp Edge Productions

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Highlights from the Jeantrix Parallel Universe Fashion / Hair / Make up Showcase in Philadelphia